Vinum Est (2004 - 2007)

The Vinum Est Project was an operation supported by the Vinest Network which aimed an integrated an sustainable development of small European Wine Areas through the networking and the transfer of experiences and know-how among the partners. The Project was part-financed by the EU programme INTERREG III C EAST with 985.000 euro, and included partners from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Germany. During the years 2004-2007 the partners of this project created a Competence and Promotion Centre and Press Ofice of the Vinest Network in Moschendorf (Austria), updated and made more dynamic de website and implemented various common promotion actions at international level. All partners implemented local actions to further developments and promotion of their local offer and quality, also safeguarding their peculiar wines, cultures and landscapes.

The project activities of VINUM EST are grouped under three thematic components:

  1. Transfer of results and projects for an integrated development in Small European Wine Areas in Border Regions.
    Under this group of actions will mainly be organised 4 transnational meetings at the beginnijng of the project until Ooct. 2005 and 1 international conference in 2007 , mostly for the transfer of results and projects from the former “VINEST project” partners from the “old” EU (15) countries to the 2 new partners from Hungary (Vás) and Slovenia (Vipava). This transfer of projects, know-how and experience will then contribute to improve the implementation of the local actions of this 2 new partners , in various sectors like training, wine area marketing, organisation of wine tourism and wine quality improvement. Finally the partners will elaborate together “ Guidelines on Integrated and Sustainable Development in Small European Wine Areas ”, which will be presented at the end of the project in occasion of the international conference on this subject in Austria – Southern Burgenland.
  2. Networking and European Co-operation with Border Regions.
    For the VINEST Network of small European Wine areas it is planned to establish a VINEST Competence and Promotion Centre (CPC) , with seat in Southern Burgenland (A), with the tasks to collect best practices, info and data about the wine sector and make them available to all partners as well as acting as Network Press Office . Then the partners – through a transnational working group of local VINEST Agency responsibles for the VINUM EST / VINEST Communication Strategy 2005-2007 – will update and innovate the common communication and promotion, locally, internally of the Network and directed to the target groups of the Network. This includes the updating of the Network brochure, the updating and restructuring of the website (as a webmagazin with a stable web-editor), the new selection of the socalled “ VINEST Wines ” to be published on the web, and the organisation of common promotional actions, like the participation to 2 international wine fairs and the organisation of 1 promotional event in a country in Northern Europe. For what regards co-operation with border regions, the CPC will promote the integration of actions between the Austrian, the Hungarian and the Slovenian partner areas.
  3. Consolidation and innovation of Local development in Small European Wine Areas.
    Under this section the 5 partners from the former VINEST project areas (Austria, Italy, Spain and Germany) will try to consolidate and innovate their local approach, first of all gathering the local network, enlarging it to experts and defining in this “ innovation circle ” a plan for innovation in support and promotion of the local wine and wine tourism sectors. The coordination will be taken over locally by the so-called VINEST Agencies (created during VINEST I) that manage also the contact to the network. The variety of actions can be summarised with training, wine area marketing, organisation/improvement of wine tourism, sustainable development and wine quality improvement.