Grundtvig (2008 - 2009)

Grundtvig is the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU. This Partnership involved four of the then seven partners of the Vinest Network, specifically targeted to the strengthening of the learning partnership among the different partner organisations in order to better share and exchange their direct experiences in promoting adult learning (formal and non-formal) in the field of “enhancing local economies” with particular reference to the wine tourism related activities in the partners’ rural areas.


More in details, in a very inter-cultural dimension (given the size and variety of the partnership, but even the specific topic to which the action is addressed) project specific objectives can be summarised as follows:

  • to help local non formal training organisations involved in the partnership to enhance their role for the promotion and spreading of the knowledge to adult learners (with particular reference to entrepreneurs, employed and self-employed in the wine and tourism related sectors);
  • to help local rural areas to better take profit from the acquisition of new skills and knowledge for an active tourism promotion of their ares (all the involved partners are located in socio-economic disadvantage areas mainly due to geographic or even historical reasons);
  • to strengthen the partnership between all the partner organisations so as to better profit even in the future of the cooperative exchange of good practices, know-how and experiences in the related field;
  • to provide potential adult learners the opportunity to better profit of new knowledge made available in their area for the direct support of their specific socio-economic activities (in this sense, all the organisations involved will be strongly committed in the adoption of a real gender equal accessibility principle in the running of all the project activities).