The partners of the Vinest Network has the Annual Assembly

It was celebrated last 2nd of March with the partners from Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Spain.

Freyburg in Germany was the last meeting of the partners of the Vinest Network which promoted the interplay of small European wine areas in order to protect and enhance the variety and individuality of their wines, lands and cultures.

Last 2nd of March it was celebrated the Annual Assembly with the partners from Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Spain. There, the President of the Vinest Network David Bratoz presented a report with the activities developed as the presentation of new projects and, also, the possibility of incorporating new associates to the Net created in 2004.   

One of the objectives was to keep working together in the promotion of the territories through social media like the fan page on Facebook and the websites and  

The main conclusion reached in this Assembly is that Vinest is an additional channel to advertise our territories, being an indispensable tool of co-marketing between regions with the same common issues, where the wine and the culture are everything, as it says the motto of This international association "Connecting wine cultures".   

Finally, it was taken into agreement that the next Assembly will be celebrated in October of 2017 in the Region of Sudburgenland in Austria. 


Video on youtube of the last meeting: