Cellar 'San Isidro' presents the white wine's 2015 'Cepas del Zorro'

The people invited tasted the new wine's 2015 vintage

  Last Saturday, the Wine Museum of Bullas hosted the presentation and the first opening of one of his wine more requested: the classic white wine Macabeo called 'Cepas del Zorro' elaborated by Cellar San Isidro from the municipality of Bullas.

  It is one of the most youngest wine from Murcia in the market, cause we are speaking of a wine elaborated with grapes just a few weeks vintage ago. So it has been the first made and, at the same time, more expected.

  Taking advantage of the image change of the bottle 'Cepas del Zorro', the manager and winemaker, Nicolás Bastida, showed to his "big family of wine" the new wine's 2015 created with a perfume and a citric fruity taste that keep the essentiality of being elaborated in an area dedicated historic and vocationally to vine growing. 

  This cellar, situated in the Industrial area named 'Marimingo', is a cooperative that combine the tradition with high modern technology to get wine with a strong personality. Although his production, like the majority of the denomination of Bullas, it is mainly red wines, they also produce whites like the one they presented in this event. Precisely, the white wine from 2015 vintage it was tasted by people invited.    

  At this event, besides professionals, friends and family, attended the Mayor Maria Dolores Muñoz and some members of the local corporation from the city council of Bullas.