Bullas keeps working for the Climate Change

It participates in a new Project which includes partners of Italy, Croatia and Greece 

Last 14th and 15th of December, the Municipality of Bullas participated in the first Meeting of the new European Project 'Life Sec Adapt' celebrated in Senigallia in the Region of 'Marche' (Italy).

This Project of cooperation has as objectives to enhance the capacity of the climate resilience through the initiative 'Mayors Adapt' that all partners must support. Then, they will integrate the objectives of the European Union above Climate Change in their politics and local plans.

Besides, they have to adopt and actualize the model of the sustainable energetic communities as better practice to the development of an appropriate process of adaptation of Climate Change in the local enterprises.

The Project, which is a continuation of the last Project ACT (Adaptation of Climate Change in Time), will last 40 months, ending the 31th of December of 2018, and will get a European contribution: 1.928.225€

'Life Sec Adapt' is integrated by 23 partners: twelve from the Region of Mache in Italy, six municipalities and a Development Agency IDA – Istrian from Croatia, the Municipal Enterprise for Planning and Development of Patras from Greece and the Municipality of Bullas.

The role of Bullas, and also the municipalities of Patras and Ancona, is to tell their experiences over the years in the Project ACT, as well as, to contribute to the elaboration of one valuation of the socio economic impact of the Climate Change.