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A review of the Bullas Wine Feast 2015

A new edition of the Bullas Wine Feast took place from the 23rd of January to the 14th of March, more than a month with plenty of activities to enjoy and celebrate the link between this Spanish town and the wine.


Wine and chocolate, the possible combination

Chocolate is the most extraordinary product in pastry-making and it has a strong personality which makes the other elements of a dessert turning around it. But, how can we combine it with wine?


The first wines of the world

The relationship of the mankind with the wine dates back thousands of years ago. This drink is present in the culture of all the continents and has a honour place which started with the first steps of civilization.




Yoga among vineyards

The school “Okinawa Budo” of Murcia city have organized for the very first time in the region a day of yoga among the vineyards. It has been organized on the 30th of May in the Aceniche Valley, Bullas.


Wine Cellars of the Vipava Valley between St. Martin

All the weekends between Friday 7th of November to Sunday 21st December 2014




The Vinest Network's social media

Nowadays being active in the social media is a fundamental matter for every organization. We introduce you to the main ones where the Vinest Network is present.