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Bullas keeps working for the Climate Change

It participates in a new Project which includes partners of Italy, Croatia and Greece 


Cellar 'San Isidro' presents the white wine's 2015 'Cepas del Zorro'

The people invited tasted the new wine's 2015 vintage


European Food-Tourism Week in EXPO Milan 2015

The European Commission organises the food-tourism week in the framework of EXPO, in Milan. The ever-growing interest in gastronomy provides a unique opportunity for both tourism and food industries.The dates are from 28th to 30th September.


Drync, the wines Shazam

Maybe you know Shazam, an app for smartphones capable to identify a song. That's great for the music lovers, but what about the wine ones? Yes, there is also an app which will provide all the information about the wine you are drinking at a restaurant or that you are interested in.  Its name is Drync.


The Vipava Valley in the Consular Festival of Lyon

The Consular Festival of Lyon (France) takes place every year on June, with the participation of many different countries through their culture, music and gastronomy. Slovenia and its Vipava Valley was one of them, presenting its tourism assets. People were delighted by enjoying the unique local wines and food, including the mayor of Lyon.


A website for the craft market “El Zacatín”

After 21 years since its creation, the craft market “El Zacatín” of Bullas has presented this new and useful tool which enables a better knowledge of the different products offered and all the tourist resources around it.